The penultimate college football rankings were released Tuesday night, and Christian Fauria had the same reaction as usual: disgust.

“Man, I hate the committee,” the CBS Sports Network college football analyst said on Gio and Jones. “Here’s what it is: I just don’t trust the process. I feel like we’re all being shammed. I feel like it’s just one big money grab and it’s all about ratings and all of these people just deciding all these teams’ futures when it’s really pretty friggin’ simple. I’m all about conference champions. If you win your conference, you continue to play. Done and done. I don’t care who it is. I think eventually they’ll get to that with a couple add-ons.”



Until then, though, there is only room for four – and those four, Fauria said, should be conference champions.

“If Clemson wins the ACC, they go in. If they lose, Miami would go in,” he said. ‘If Auburn wins the SEC against Georgia, they go in. If they lose, vice versa. Same with Oklahoma. Same with TCU. Sorry, TCU, you’re ranked a little low, but if you beat Oklahoma, you’ll get a little extra bit of something in your stocking. Same with Wisconsin and Ohio State. That’s just the way I think you should do it. I just feel like I’m being taken to the cleaners every time I see (the rankings).”

Fauria doesn’t want to hear any nonsense about Alabama or Penn State or any other non-champion getting in.

“Why have them?” he said of the conference-title games. “Why are we playing them if they’re not going to mean anything? Why do I want to play another game, as a coach, if I know that even if I win, (it doesn’t matter)? Okay, great, I win a conference championship. That’s it? So a team that doesn’t even win their conference gets in over me? To me, it makes absolutely no sense. It’s not (the committee’s) job to play god.”

But what if two-loss TCU or two-loss Ohio State wins a conference title? Should either team get the nod over Alabama? And what if Clemson/Miami play an instant classic that comes down to the final seconds? Should both teams get in at the expense of someone else?

In a word, no.

“I’m sorry, you don’t always get what you want, Alabama,” Fauria said. “You don’t always get what you want, SEC. Or ACC. Or Ohio State. I’m sorry, that’s life. Get used to it. Play better. Don’t lose.”


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