At 10-2, the Eagles are well-positioned for a playoff bye and a home game in the NFC divisional round, if not the entire playoffs. Minnesota (10-2) currently holds the tiebreaker over Philadelphia for the No. 1 seed in the NFC, but with four games to go, anything can happen.

A playoff bye and home-field advantage would be huge, right?

Well, maybe not as huge as some people think.

“They’re already in the playoffs,” 14-year NFL veteran and WIP sports host Hollis Thomas said on Gio and Jones. “As long as they get a ticket to the dance and get in, I’m cool with it. As a former player, you just want a chance to be in.”



Well, sure, but isn’t having a bye and not having to play in the Wild Card round a huge advantage?

“I mean, not really,” said Thomas, who played for the Eagles from 1996 to 2005. “Especially if you’re rolling, if you’re on a good roll, do you want to stop that roll? If you’re stinking up the joint towards the end of the season, you want that bye week to get everybody healthy and stuff. But if you’re on a roll and you’re rolling, you might just want to take that the rest of the way through.”

The Eagles had won nine straight games before losing in Seattle, 24-10, this past Sunday. Thomas wasn’t mad that the Eagles lost a tough game, but how they lost was, indeed, frustrating.

“If you told me at this point we’d be 10-2, I’d take it – and if those are our two losses, I would take it,” he said, referring to road games against the Chiefs and Seahawks. “Because when I initially went down the schedule, I had the Seattle game as a loss. But I’m kind of pissed off because they shrunk up in a situation where I felt like it was a test for a playoff atmosphere. We shot ourselves in the foot on many different occasions, and our coaches were playing scared.”

Carson Wentz threw for 348 yards, but he also had two turnovers, including a costly fumble near the goal line, and didn’t stretch the field. The Eagles’ deep threat, Torrey Smith, had five catches for just 29 yards.

“You can’t take advantage of a secondary that doesn’t have Richard Sherman?” Thomas asked in disbelief. “What the hell are you throwing sideline runs to Torrey Smith for? Torrey Smith is a guy who stretches the field. When I was looking at that crap, I was like, ‘The Eagles are playing scared.’”

The Eagles will try to bounce back on the road this Sunday. They play the Rams (9-3) in Los Angeles at 4:25 p.m. ET.


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