The benching of Eli Manning is still a major topic around the NFL even a week later. The Giants went to Geno Smith, and they lost to the Raiders Sunday. Did benching Manning make any sense at all?

“No,” said former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger said on Gio And Jones. “The team around him wasn’t very good The offense wasn’t fitting what he was doing. You’re going to bench a guy that has lined up 210 straight games in a row that has represented your organization as well as anybody that has worn the N-Y on their helmet. And you’re going to bench him for Geno Smith, who we have watched across the river in New York for 30-something games. You know the guy doesn’t have pocket awareness. You know what he is. What are you doing? What is that all about?”

Going to Geno Smith was a very questionable move, especially with rookie Davis Webb sitting behind him. Did going to Geno over the rookie for Manning make any sense?

“If you want to look at Davis Webb, fine,” Baldinger said. “What is going to Geno Smith all about with a bad team around him? What are you going to learn about Geno Smith that you don’t already know? You can’t sell me on Geno Smith. You can’t sell the fan base on Geno Smith as the reason why you’re going to sit down your iconic quarterback.

Going to Webb seemed liked the more logical move for the Giants, but would we have got an honest evaluation with Webb?

“If you want to look at Davis Webb, I understand all of that. How are you going to evaluate him with that team he has out there right now? You’re not going to learn anything about Davis Webb with that protection and with that talent outside right now.”


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