The ending of the Steelers-Patriots game will be the talking point around the world today and maybe for the whole week. The Steelers drove down the field after the Patriots quick touchdown and two-point conversion to make things interesting. They had a controversial touchdown overturned, which forced Ben Roethlisberger to have to go for it again.

The second time to the endzone was a fake spike and a bad throw that ended up getting picked off to seal the game and give the Patriots the win. What happened on that play?

“I heard it was 17 seconds and he had two plays, and he could obviously do either play or something else could unfold,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on Gio And Jones. “To my understanding, one of those plays wasn’t fake spike, look up, thing you have Eli, force ball, interception. I do not believe that was a spike call. He had two plays called. It’s third down, you’re out of timeouts, you’re a quarterback, so clocking it is always an option.

“He likes the street ball, he thought he saw something, he threw the ball in there. Everybody makes mistakes, things happen in the heat of battle. Sometimes you need to say I thought I saw something and I tried to make a play.”


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