NESN host Matt Chatham dropped by Taz & The Moose on Friday to discuss the reported tension behind the scenes in New England, among other topics.

Chatham believes reports of drama and animosity were wildly misleading. When asked how big of an issue there is among Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, Chatham didn’t hesitate.

“(It’s) 0.0 today – and I think that’s probably what the biggest aggravation was,” Chatham said. “When you do pieces like that, there’s a difference, I think, between things that are factually correct and then what effect they’re actually having. Yes technically a couple months ago there was an argument between Alex Guerrero and the organization. What relevance is that today? Did that even live for 48 or 72 hours where anyone in the locker room cared past then? The answer is no. So, yes, technically that did happen. Has it led to a rift? Has it led to some sort of tension in the building? No. It’s kind of an in-house joke right now, quite frankly.”



But what about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade? Were Kraft and Belichick really at odds over that?

Even if they were, Chatham said, they’ve moved on.

“What did or didn’t happen with Jimmy Garoppolo back on Nov. 1 – we’re in January,” Chatham said. “ Within the building, the guys that have to play this game – it is sort of kind of this running joke. There’s a world outside the building, and there’s one inside – and I think they’re two different places.”

The Patriots host the Titans this Saturday in Foxboro. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. ET.


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