Nick Saban just won his fifth national title in nine years, but one must wonder if he has an NFL itch to scratch – especially after Bruce Arians claimed that Saban “covets” the New York Giants’ head-coaching gig.

Might Saban return to the NFL? Or is he content with being perhaps the greatest college football coach of all time?

“That’s a pretty good title, and he certainly etched his face onto the Mount Rushmore of college coaches, there’s no doubt about that,” Alabama radio analyst and Senior Bowl executive Phil Savage said on Taz & The Moose. “He’s done some amazing things in the last 11 years in Tuscaloosa. I think the reality is a half dozen years ago, certainly 10 years ago, if the New York Giants had come calling, would he have listened with an Eli Manning in his prime? Perhaps.”



But it’s not 2008 – or 2012. It’s 2018.

“At this stage of the game – 66 years of age, a legacy established in Tuscaloosa – I would tell you this,” Savage said. “Prior to Alabama, Nick Saban had never stayed at a job more than five years. He’s now been in Tuscaloosa for 11 years, going on 12. To me, all those other stops were jobs. This has become a real lifestyle for him in terms of his family, car dealerships, and just the connection with the state of Alabama. It’s been a perfect marriage between Nick Saban and the fan base here that just was lost in the desert for close to 20 years. Nick Saban became their Moses, really, and he’s led them to the promised land five times in nine years.”


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