The 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists are as star-studded a group as any in recent memory, with Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Isaac Burce, and John Lynch, among others, headlining the group.

These former greats will learn their fate Saturday.

“They’re hoping like heck that they get in,” Hall of Famer Mike Haynes said on Taz & The Moose. “In some ways, it’s a little embarrassing because they bring you here, they fly you here, and you’re hoping that David Baker knocks on your door to tell you you’ve just been voted in. But if you don’t get that knock, it’s a weird feeling.”



Haynes, 64, was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1997 – his third year on the ballot. In his first two years of eligibility, he waited for a phone call that never came.

His third year, however, was the charm.

“A ton of emotions,” said Haynes, who played for the Patriots from 1976-82 and the Raiders from 1983-89. “But I don’t think you really think about that. It’s more like your family and your friends who are saying, ‘Gosh, you’re a Hall of Famer! Sure you’re going to go in!’ I think the emotion comes when they’re with you: ‘Oh, my God, you’re in! What a great feeling!’”

That’s what today’s inductees experience, at least.

Said Haynes, laughing, “I was by myself.”


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