O'Bannon: Student-Athletes Have To Change The System; NCAA Will NotThe former UCLA star dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his new book, as well as his crusade against the NCAA
McFarland: "I Call BS" On Studies Suggesting Marijuana Alleviates PainMany former NFL players insist that marijuana helps with pain management, but Booger McFarland doesn't believe it
Stephen Garcia: 'Crazy That NCAA Will Not Allow It'Saturday Down South college football analyst discusses players not being able to get paid for signatures.
Dennis Dodd: 'The Collegiate Model Is Dead'CBSSports.com NCAA national writer discusses the ruling for players to be paid.
Armen Keteyian: 'No Better Time To Cheat Than Right Now'60 Minutes Sports correspondent discusses the violations going on in college sports.
Patrick Hruby: 'Activist Groups With Better Chance This Time'Sports on Earth writer talks about the case against the Redskins name and the NCAA case.

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